Ballinno vs UEFA

Just before the start of the UEFA Euro 2024 which starts in June, Ballinno has filed a patent infringement suit against UEFA due to unauthorized use of the subject-matter protected by the European patent EP 1 944 067.

Claim 1 of this patent protects a method for detecting a contact with a ball by sensing a sound signal produced by the ball (when being kicked). The sound signal is the compared with a predetermined signal and, if a match is detected, the referee receives a detection signal. The invention is used to achieve an improved detection of an offside situation and consequently can be seen as an extension to the “video assistant referee” (VAR), which might already be known by football fans.

The case was filed on 18 April 2024. Regarding the start of the first match in Munich on 14 June 2024, the proceedings will much likely start in the coming weeks.

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