Dr. Alexandra Anishchanka 알렉산드라 아니샹카 박사
물리학 박사

변리사, 유럽 상표/디자인 변호사


Study of physics at the Belorussian State University (Minsk) with main focus on laser physics and spectroscopy.

PhD Thesis at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum on topics out of theoretical physics with main focuses in mesoscopic physics, interaction between superconductivity and magnetism. Scholarship of the doctorate program 384 “Nanoelectronic, micromechanical and microoptical systems: Analysis and synthesis by means of ions, electrons and photons“ and of the post graduate program “SFB 491 Magnetic multilayer: Spin structure und spin transport“.

Since August, 2009 education to become a Patent Attorney in the patent law firm Bals & Vogel, at the Open University Hagen, at the German Patent and Trademark Office as well as at the German Federal Patent Court. License as a German Patent Attorney in September 2014, License as European Trademark and Design Attorney in October 2014.

Stays in Belarus, England.

Work Profile

Since 2009 work experience in the field of intellectual property, focusing different aspects of obtainment, defense and enforcement national, European and international patents to the German Patent and Trademark Office or to the European Patent Office. German and European trademark and design law.

Professional memberships

German Patent Attorney Bar Association, EPI, FICPI, BDP, Member of the European Qualification Examination (EQE) Committee III of the European Patent Office


German, Russian, fluently
English, very well