Photo of Rüdiger Bals

Rüdiger Bals 뤼디거 발스
공학 석사 & 산업공학 석사

대표 변리사, 유럽특허, 상표/디자인 변호사

Education and Career

Degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on automation engineering, Diploma thesis in the field of manufacturing engineering of mobile phones (SMD technology).

Research work for a production systems college and study in an industrial engineering graduate program.

Training as a German and European patent lawyer in a patent office with German and international clients in Wuppertal.

Work Profile

Court defense of industrial property rights, competition/antitrust law, patent law, in particular in mechanical engineering, and designs.

Professional memberships

German Patent Attorney Bar Associoation, EPI, FICPI, VPP


German, English